The Sound Of Silence

Hello silence my old friend … I’ve come to talk to you again

Those of you out there who are not too young to remember Simon and Garfunkel will realise that this is a bastardisation of the opening lines of one of their greatest hits, “The Sound of Silence”. It just felt so right for what I wanted to write about, the sound of silence.

And already, right there, we get to the nub of this conundrum. Surely, you might say, silence is the very absence of sound. Some might say it’s the only way to describe silence. But that for me that is highly unsatisfactory and lazy. I don’t believe it to be particularly helpful to describe something merely by stating it to be the opposite of what it is not (e.g. describing sadness as the opposite or absence of happiness). Continue reading “The Sound Of Silence”

Safari? Let’s Get You Prepared

Safari Preparation

Kosher African Safaris is a South African safari tour agency that provides safari tour experiences throughout Africa. With the different packages that we offer and the ability to customize your own safari trip, every trip will be slightly different or entirely different depending on where you are planning to go.

This article will serve as a general guide to your preparation when going on a safari.

So, we are ready to go. Now we need to plan, let’s go through some aspects to keep in mind when planning your safari trip. Continue reading “Safari? Let’s Get You Prepared”

A Guide To Collective Nouns In The Animal Kingdom


English really is a strange language at the best of times. But when it comes to collective nouns for different animals it actually becomes seriously weird.

Everyone knows that we talk about a herd of cattle but did you know that we are also supposed to refer to a herd of wrens which is about as far away from a herd of elephants as you could possibly get. (By the way the correct term of cattle is not herd but mob.)

I guess we have all heard of a troop of apes but there is a far better alternative and that is a shrewdness of apes. Go figure ! Continue reading “A Guide To Collective Nouns In The Animal Kingdom”

Big Five Safari

Africa is filled with beauty and has some of the most extraordinary wildlife this planet has to offer. The big five are notorious and when seen up close, you will understand why. These animals truly live up to their reputation and are sort after by many tourists.

Now that we have got your interest. What are the big five? And where do you go to find them?

Who are the big five?

The big five, animals that have been chosen to be a part of this select few due to their size, unpredictability and difficulty in hunting. Seasoned hunters would come from all over the world to try hunt these incredible creatures as a “Right of Passage”. Nowadays some of these animals are endangered and need to be conserved so that generations ahead get to see them up close and not in a museum.

Continue reading “Big Five Safari”